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The Children of Hope Association supports its established workshops by managing the process of purifying the lives of the young people we work with. The young people we work with make beautiful products through the training they receive from experts. The most basic aim of our workshops is to ensure that our young people are safer, self-sufficient and hopeful in the process of gaining qualifications and adapting to normal lives. Thus, our young people will be able to access job opportunities and contribute to the world through employment.

The support and contributions of our valuable donors help to ensure the continuity of these projects.

Our products


With gratitude and imagination, the young people we work with design t-design shirts and fabric bags.

We arrived on the streets as adults and as a result were forced to work and beg. While opening a new chapter in our lives, we hope that our future society will not have to share our destiny.

While working in the Hope workshop of the Children of Hope Association, building new meanings to our lives with the help of the foundation, we have designed t-shirts to replace our sad photographs.

With the song we all grew up with “Daha Dün Annemizin” (Yesterday My Mother), we wrote down the text on our t-shirts. We wanted the children to be half as innocent singers. Would you like to sing this song with us?


Instead of dusting and forgetting an invitation or a wedding ceremony in a corner; would you like to present a new future to a child on your happiest day?

The invitation on our site is a sample of our work. Your ideas, invitations or wedding ceremonies can be created in different designs, in line with your wishes.

Thank you and greeting certificates (written in Turkish and English) are also available.

Hope Children’s AssociationBookmarks

We thank you for not forgetting us in the lines of the books you read, we have made the eagles that our young people created in our ‘Ebru’ workshops. We would like to thank you for your interest and support and on behalf of all those in need.

I have a dream. Do you want to be a hero?

For me, there was no mother to call me home in the evening, nor father who kept me safe from the dark. I stayed on the streets for years, I used substances, and I was put in dark situations. One evening I met the Children of Hope Association. After that, I was able to believe in myself through them.

Ordinary things for most people were gained through the open door of crime for me. Children of Hope gave me a clean bed and clothes without me having to commit another crime. I quit my old life; the streets and the darkness slowly seeped out of my head. Now I have a wish, will you grant it? I want to take a job training course and I will be extremely happy should you grant me this opportunity.

My family migrated to Istanbul when I was a little girl. I am the third child of four. I loved to attend lessons at school, but sometimes we didn’t have enough money for home rent or books. One day I left school and took to the streets to sell tissues. In the Children of Hope Association I met my brothers and sisters. They wanted my mother’s phone number, so I gave it to them. They talked to Mum and they visited us. Making my Mum promise not to make me work, they bought our food, clothes and schoolbooks. I have not been working on the street for two years now, and last year I received my first thank you certificate from school. I got into the nursing department at a job in high school and I’m now in my first year. I now have a dream that girls and boys like me should not be working on the streets, but there are many of us. 

Do you want to save another child from working on the streets?