Volunteering Principles

  • Volunteering Principles

Who are the volunteers of the Children of Hope Association? 
To achieve the goals that are thought to be of benefit to society, the Children of Hope Association is involved in the project and maintains social work. It is the free will of all individuals involved in non-material interests and expectations of response activities.

The importance of our volunteers                                             

People without the help of the Children of Hope Association are working on the streets in immoral conditions. Our volunteers help to give them a break through education or provide ongoing help to improve the conditions of such children and families. We meet basic needs such as health, food and education, direct people into professional workplaces if they have passed school age, and prevent them from continuing to live on the streets. Their families are informed about their situations on the street, they are conscious of the child and the family without encountering negative facts such as criminal matters, we create a business association with private and legal entities to improve their conditions and pass preventive activities. We help children and young people who have been forced to move away from their family environment, those who live in broken homes and streets separated from state patronage, those who are in need of material and spiritual help and those who are working in bad conditions, those who are separated from their homes and those who are addicted to drugs.

To cooperate with private and legal entities for this purpose, liaising with organisations to bring those with substance-addictions back to good health, following purification efforts, creating job opportunities and jobs, meeting the needs of the abandoned and street children and young people, directing them towards vocational courses and making efforts for them to become professionals.

Getting support from volunteers will benefit the individuals most in need.

Our volunteers contribute to increasing public awareness of the services and activities of the Society of Hope Children.

Thanks to the support of volunteers, the people who had to live on the streets in the past will increase the motivation of young people trying to adapt to their new daily life.

Hope Children Volunteers

Projects are conducted by the Children of Hope Association on a limited budget and supported by our volunteers. The volunteers are linked to the Society of Hope Children.

Volunteers ensure the effectiveness of the services of the Children of Hope Association.

Volunteering will lead to individual qualifications such as knowledge, experience, a professional approach and responsibility.

Common responsibilities of Children of Hope Association volunteers

Our volunteers partly contribute to the social work carried out by the Children of Hope Association, not the official level representative.

Our volunteers are not permitted to engage in any financial transactions such as making contracts, undertaking commitments, or arranging organisations on behalf of the Children of Hope Association.

Our volunteers are responsible for determining appropriate timeframes, when appropriate, and to carry out tasks within that time.

The volunteers at the Children of Hope Association should, at all times, work according to our mutual transparency principle.

A volunteer has the right to ask for money, and content questions about the organisation and its activities without justifying why to the management or supervisory board.

For the Children of Hope Association, when all corporate events are held, “the reasons for the existence of volunteers, the delights they can expect while working, the skills they want to develop, and all other personal development efforts.”

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