Self Help Workshop

  • Self Help Workshop

PROJECT NAME: Self Help Workshop -Keyap (Kendine Yardım Atölyesi)

PROJECT HOLDERS: Stray Cat Journal (Sokak Kedisi Dergisi) and Children of Hope Association (Umut Çocukları Derneği)

PROJECT COORDINATORS: Ezgi Özcan, Özkan Yazan, Çiğdem Arman, Ülker Baskın, Alp Alper, Ferhat Şahin


Self Help Project is initiated to provide employment for drug addicts experiencing homelessness between the ages of 18-30. Production and marketing of the textile goods will be done in a shelter owned by Children of Hope Association (Umut Çocukları Derneği) that is located in Bakırköy. Profit obtained from the project will be distributed among workers and project’s budget in order to endorse social activities within the project.


  1. Both the individuals and the society are aimed to be benefitted from the employment of individuals experiencing homelessness and family members lacking financial means.
  2. Obtaining a job by learning a craft by using necessary tools and machinery under the supervision of trainers.
  3. Individuals will be voluntarily directed to organizations as qualified workers.
  4. To secure jobs for those in need by cooperating with other NGOs in order to detect those individuals.
  5. Social support will be contributed by manufacturing and marketing the goods in accordance with the needs.
  6. Self Help Workshop will be beneficial, even though for a certain extent, to the people in need in today’s condition of unemployment and job scarcity.
  7. Goods that will be manufactured by Self Help Workshop will be environment friendly.
  8. Individuals who obtained a job thanks to Self Help Workshop will experience an increase in their self confidence as a result of seeing their labor turned into a product, will be able to take care of their needs with the income gained, and their quality of life will be enhanced.
  9. Individuals experiencing homelessness that attended and acquired a job at Self Help Workshop will set an example to other individuals experiencing homelessness.  


  • Social Services Directorate                           –   Related Institutions and Organizations
  • National Education Directorate                     –   Private Sector
  • İş – Kur                                                         –   Municipalities
  • Universities                                                    –   Related Chambers

People in need will be detected and included by the representatives of the organizations and institutions mentioned above. Support of the departments and offices concerned will be requested in accordance with the project’s needs in order to implement Self Help Workshop.


1 pipe cutting machine 1 cutting motor
1 iron with stand 5 packs of covering stitches no.11
4 large scissors 1 four thread overlock
4 small scissors 4 troughs
12 electric sockets 4 tables
100 meters of cable for installations 2 sets of no. 9-11 overlock needle
Allen wrench and a set of screw drivers 2 sets of no. 11 singer brand needles
1 tin of machine oil Types of cloth and threads
August 26, 2019